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the huffington post this morning. here it is, "romney wins the night." this is from "the hill" newspaper. in "the hill" again -- that is from "the hill." here is "politico." that is from "politico." time to hear from you. the first presidential debate is over. we're going to begin with old c- span watcher joe in the georgia. caller: i thought it was a tremendous win for mitt romney. can you hear me ok? host: we are listening. caller: i think this is a game changer. i think he will be elected and he will be the greatest president in the history of the country. i could not even sleep last night. i thought it was a total home run. i am so fired up. everybody at the barbecue was so excited. i do not have the words to say -- i will turn it on like anything you have ever seen for the next five weeks. he will be the best president in history. host:next is ann, a president obama supporter. caller: good morning. i think exactly the opposite. i think mitt romney looked almost manic and his appearance. i have never seen him flailing his arms around. he told so many lies. he completely turned around all of t
and former governor mitt romney are in final preparations for tomorrow night's debate at the university of denver, the first time the candidates will square off in the race for the white house. c-span will air the debate live tomorrow night. we would like to hear what your plans are for tomorrow night's debate. why would you be watching or by night? here are the numbers to call -- -- why will you be watching or why not? you can also join the conversation on social media. send us a tweet or join the conversation on facebook. you can also e-mail us. the "washington times looks at presidential debates, who watches and what they gain for it -- from it. we would like to hear from you this morning, your take on watching presidential debates and this one in particular happening tomorrow. here is the headline from the denver post -- the school is getting ready for the national spotlight as it will host the candidates tomorrow night. let's hear from tyson in los angeles on our republican line. good morning. caller: happy birthday to you, libby. host: are you watching the debate? caller: absolute
now, the middle tax suffering. that mitt romney literally lied. he said this, and then last night he changed -- wednesday night he changed it up. about the 47%. for the middle class, he is not. years for the rich people. and all of those on wall street. thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you. host: from the washington post, the new fed notes are up from the last meeting. said a felt need for stimulus trumped risks, notes show. federal reserve officials debated the risks of beginning an ambitious new stimulus policy before ultimately giving it a green light, according to minutes of the central bank's september meeting. next is a call from kevin, palm springs, california. an independent this regard but the role of government in your life. caller: i think the president's description of the role of government was spot on. we have to remember the president is a constitutional lawyer. now, mitt romney's description of the government is inaccurate. he talks about -- hear references the preamble to the constitution when he talks about god. the constitution does not mention go
about a week and half ago. now i'm working again after three years. the night that i heard mr. romney's comments about the 47% on msnbc, i almost fell out of my chair. i'm going to school every night for almost two years in the hopes of trying to improve my family's life, you know? and obviously that would help the economy. those comments? this is a window into our life. i'm a democrat. i will probably vote for the president, but i like mitt romney. i think he's a good guy. which president would he be? which one would he be? is he going to be the one who said it's probably not $5 trillion, but it's pretty close? i think rebecca would agree. i think when he flips to people like me coming on my television screen in my living room, i do not know who this man is. now he apologizes for the 47%? the media does not even talk about it. like i said, i think he's a good guy, but on the face, he seems like a clear a liar in the face of the american people. host: let's go to alan viard. does romney have a problem explaining his tax policy and getting clarity on his vision and not have it stuck in
debates are on thursday night. more on this foreign policy question of from twitter -- gilbert,'s go to okla., this morning on the independent line. caller: first of all, i would like to hear mitt romney -- i would like for him to list his five sons as the first to go over there and fight in iraq and iran. that is a sovereign country. second, mitt romney during the vietnam war lived in france. he lived in hla with a maid and a chef. not a clock, a chef. more important to me is that our military industrial complex is dragging these finances from the country and i would like to hear romney say that he is going to bring back the draft. it needs to be brought back. if we have 160 military bases around the world. the thing is, when you have not been in a war, you are the first one to want other people to go. look at what has happened. most of the young people in the military now are coming home and making less than $30,000 per year. you will never hear the mitt romney children -- host: where are you getting this information? caller: from politico and msnbc. it does not need to be fact che
of a border agent. here is a story on that. host: we are asking you about what you would like to ask at night's debate. james, democratic line, good morning. caller: i have two questions for mitt romney. why does he get on tv [unintelligible] false accusation [unintelligible] voter id laws. i call them -- block the black folk. he is so confident that he can win, these people keep trying to cheat. host: we will be going to a reporter to tell us more about the pennsylvania court decision recently about voter id laws. in the meantime, we will be taking your calls. washington, d.c.. independent caller. caller: thank you for your and brian's ability to do a good job. i just want to wonder, because it is so hard to profit in today's global economy, i can see mitt romney as being a smart guy and i think he might be able to not fall out of the stadium if he can explain -- and i am interested, not political about this, explain oil companies in china and the rhetoric that he usedbout saying that the chinese are manipulating their currencies. he has written on both sides of that issue and can explain it
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6